65% of 1UP used for platform utility are re-injected into the reward pool


55% of 1UP used for platform utility are injected into the community growth fund


30% of 1UP used for platform utility are burned, reducing the total supply


Every Road Leads to 1UP

1up should be as useful as possible to as many people as possible.

On the social side, 1up is consumed for platform utility. When someone upvotes another person, it uses tokens. When someone boosts a post or advertises, it consumes tokens. When someone levels up... Yep, you guessed it.

To date, 22M upvotes have been cast, 750K posts have been created, over 8M comments have been written, over 20M 1UP have been consumed for leveling up, and almost 33M boosted views have been paid for using 1up.


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Since inception, we’ve aimed to be a force for good. To a large extent, we’ve succeeded. But big initiatives require big driving forces. In order to reach for the stars, we need fuel: That’s where you come in.

With your support, we can build a new type of social network that directly impacts the world we live in today and enables participants grow a community that shares their passions.

Decentralized social networks are the future, and Uptrennd is building it.

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