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What is Uptrennd?

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Distributed & Secure

Leveraging Ethereum, AWS, IPFS, and a privacy-first approach.

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Merging social media, gamification, and monetization.

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Fresh & Intuitive

Join our quest to create elegant software for the world.

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Member-driven value distribution

(over 22,000,000 votes cast to date)

On Uptrennd, you are in control. Value flows into the economy and you cast it in the form of upvotes to support your favorite content creators.
Upvoting is 100% free.

Game-like mechanics and progression

(over 20,000,000 1UP spent on leveling up)

Your future is in your hands. Our level-based system allows you to re-invest in yourself.

The higher your level, the more value you earn per received upvote.

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Our Design Ethos

Practical Elegance

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Don't Just Take Our Word

See what our members say!

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That we are family here on Uptrennd! This platform and the people that hang out here has a family feel! I have NEVER been part of a social media community that could even compare to that of Uptrennd!

- Howard Boelky -

I'm usually not into social media of any kind, but Uptrennd has this weird way of thoroughly engaging me. I'm pretty impressed by that.

- Jayendren Subramoney -

The best thing about uptrennd is the educational part of it. Since I joined, I have learned new things and lots of information that I find very educative.

- Tonia Zodos -

My favourite thing about uptrennd is the way through which it's helping people, to explore their abilities and to get paid for that.... I'm new to this international community and I'm highly excited and interested in doing work here...

- Bakhtawar Saleem -

Although I am relatively a new member, mine is to be part of the community in the early days of its growth. Second favorite would be that you get the reward of your efforts from the first day regardless of your membership status.

- Mert Kumru -

I have lots of favourite things about Uptrennd. The 4 foundational pillars are big on my favourite list. The educational value the platform brings to its community. Uptrennd's community of course. How the 1UP token economics is modeled is what sold me on the project.

- BitcoinBluesBrothers BBB -

My favorite thing in Uptrennd is the possibility of contributing together to create a free expression site based on shared principles.

- Javier Naveda -

I personally love the way the platform is structured in terms of level and fair chance to all. It doesn't matter your reputation, everyone has equal chance to grow

- Cyprian -

I like the fact that you don't have to lick asses in order to earn here unlike Steemit. You have to invest in yourself and engage on the platform to earn. You reap what you sow.

- Innocent Okonkwo -

For me, it's the engagement, engagement hasn't so much being prioritized in any Platform like UPTRENND.

- Botefarm B -

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